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Md Rasel Islam

Rasel is currently working at Jooeun Tech as a Manufacturing Operations & International Business Development Manager. JOOEUN Tech  is a professional Automotive Injection Mould & related Plastic Parts manufacturer. 


Roles of Rasel at Jooeun Tech-

#International market research, operational management, and  data analysis
#Marketing, sales strategies, Manufacturing/Operations process design & implementation
#Digital marketing/e-commerce
#Internationl marketing & business development
#Problem solving and decision making
#Effective communication and negotiation

About Rasel-

#Have experience in providing advanced market analysis, management, leadership skills.

#He has a broad understanding of customer needs and current trends.

#Good at communication, market penetration, new business development, and project management.

#He is specialized in brand positioning strategic planning.

#Expert on data science and statistical analysis.

#Highly skilled on user interface/user experience design, development and evaluation.


Rasel joined the Interactions lab as an MSc. student from Mar 2017 to Jan 2019. Prior to join as an Msc. student he was in the same lab as an undergraduate intern from Mar 2014 to Feb 2017 his masters thesis title was: EdgeGlass: Exploring Tapping Performance on Smart Glasses while Sitting and Walking. He got his Msc. from UNIST, from the department of Human Factors Engineering, in Feb 2019 and he got his BSc. in Major: Human & System Engineering, Minor: Computer Science & Engineering from UNIST in Feb 2017.

Can find more in Google Scholar and Researchgate 

Can contact me at


UIST 2018  
 CSCW 2018
CHI 2019
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